We started our journey with chickens from a surprise box from Cackle Hatchery in 2019. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in a flock starting with a surprise box. It was so much fun learning what breeds I had as they grew. I was also able learn what breeds do well in my environment. The breeds that I didn’t want to keep I was able to sell and actually made enough to cover the initial cost of my birds and some extra.

Unfortunately we lost the majority of that flock to a coyote attack. We did put our first batch of eggs into the incubator they day before the attack so we got to replenish our losses with mixed birds from our first generation.

We have continued with the mixed flock and are working towards a flock of colorful eggs layers.

We added Jersey Giants in the Spring of 2021 and plan to use them for egg layers as well as a meat source.

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