We have a few dogs on our farm and they all have very different jobs.


Clark is our livestock guardian dog. He is an Anatolian Shepherd, Great Pyrenese mix that like has some border collie as well. I will take this sentence to caution against buying dogs with a mix that is not a true livestock guardian. Although Clark has done really well, he is not a true LGD.


Cueball is our house hippo and cuddle bug. He isn’t much of a farm dog but brings joy to our lives and I have had him since he was four days old.

Sally and Yellow

Sally and Yellow are our cow dogs. Their breeding goes back multi-generations on this ranch but will be the end of their line here. They will finish out their days baying up the cows and enjoying the air conditioning as much as possible. Sally has transitioned to being a couch potato rather quickly.

Coming Soon

We have a deposit on a female pup from Stone Coat Farm Anatolians. The females there decided to be difficult this year so we are unsure when the pup will be arriving.

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